The hometowns of Italian football teams you require to go to

Would like to experience a classic Sunday at the football stadium in your Italian getaway plans? Here are precisely which cities you should include in your travel plan.

For sure, one cannot even think of touring Italy without stopping in its core, its centre, its capital: home of an unbelievable amount of history, previously the core of an empire which influenced all of the western world, today still an extraordinary hub of art and culture – Rome. With not one, but two Italian football league teams established in the city, and limitless monuments and landmarks which depict the city’s history in the last two or three millennia, there is literally something from every taste in this excellent destination.

For the ideal beach vacation, if you are looking for maybe the most beautiful beaches in the whole Mediterranean, the island of Sardinia is truly the ideal destination. Its biggest city is as ancient as the Phoenicians, with a lot of archaeological remains and history for every taste, and likewise home to one of the Italian teams in Serie A. While it has not won the trophy in a couple of decades, the Cagliari FC patrons get worked hard to make certain that the team is consistently in the Serie A league table, and its followers have got the same enthusiasm and commitment as when the club won the scudetto in the 1970's.

Are you aiming to experience the true Italian culture, without necessarily heading to the areas which are packed with tourists throughout the year? Then you should potentially head to its southern regions, where you can genuinely absorb yourself in the common Italian lifestyle – at ease, enthusiastic, passionate about its roots. Try to go to Naples, where pizza was established, for some truly excellent food; you can go to the ancient ruins of Pompeii, explore the charming seaside in the Amalfi coast, and feel perhaps the most fervent football supporter atmosphere in the whole of Italy: with the SSC Napoli leaders having one among the excellent Italian football league teams and some of the best Italian soccer players, the Sunday football match will be very amazing.

If you plan to go to Italy, you just cannot miss its most sophisticated metropolis, financial centre of the whole country, and one of the largest fashion capitals of the world: Milan. With its renowned architecture, the internationally-famous ballet and opera theatre, the various stylist ateliers and striking modern art galleries, what’s not to enjoy about this city? It is surely the perfect destination if you would like to experience what it's like to be a polished Italian person. Moreover, its local team is one among the best Italian soccer teams, as the AC Milan owner strives towards ensuring that that the club has many of the Italian football league top scorers on the pitch. Head to the nearby stadium for an interesting football match!

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